1. Wrapping it up

    It is with great regret that we are shutting the doors on VFXWages.com as of today.  This blog will serve as a reminder of what we accomplished over the past three years. I will periodically update this new location with the wage information we’ve collected over the years.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to give the commitment that the site deserved. It’s tough doing this with two people working full-time in VFX already! We did receive some amazing data, and helped a number of you get an accurate wage range in negotiations. As of today, we had 11715 registered members, of those, 9080 were professionals, 2162 students, and the rest, companies. Out of those 9000 professionals, we received almost 5000 wages!  

    On average we received about 50 unique visitors a day for the site, with a total or 40,000 unique visitors since we started. It’s small, but again, VFX is a niche.

    During the three year beta period, we successfully received notoriety through CGTalk, where I was banned for speaking about money and trying to give artists some sort of equality. We were able to get a four page article in 3D World in their August 2009 issue (#119), scans will be incoming in another post. Below are our two previous press releases.

    March 30, 2009 - Industry Wages Inc. Arms Creative Professionals With Salary Knowledge

    August 4, 2011 - Industry Wages Inc. Releases New Wages App for Android Devices

    Our wages app for Android will stay in the Marketplace for a little while, as we decide how best to phase it out. The location for the app is located here.  There was significant talk about putting out a paid app, but with less than 500 downloads, the demand for something like this is very slim. It’s possible that with better financial resources, things may have turned out differently. The Facebook page for VFXWages will stay up, until Facebook decides to shut it down.

    Industry Wages Incorporated, the parent company, has been dissolved and final tax paperwork is being submitted.

    I’ve had a great journey with you all, and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future on the next project! I heard that there’s a lot of talk about unions and reps these days. Visit VFXSoldier to speak your mind. If you want to follow more of what I have to say on Twitter, follow me here.